under (lyric)

moral-bubi 1929

under the floating,
quiet of lonely.

inside the broken,
my eyes have envy, i envy
the glaciers,
their egos… their coldness.

this hammer of time
breaks motion: discoursing talk destructs,
it writes you away… i see eyes inside eyes… blue in blue.
i say, go fuck yourself… i mean, i’ll go to sea, sail off for
some evil vanity; sail to happy lands. coasts of midnight.

how could it not be so, being you are you? inside
cantaloupe moonbeams… dreams inside moments;
drifting around, all that stuff… loathing clown,
my self floating down… you, as the moment in: how
could it not work except exiled me?
drawn down to a  lucifer sunset; doesn’t it question? …
red rover ship, crammed with conscience; my innocent body. my shame.

in the beginning, i’d say: i’m back to precocious, jumping  the rainbow;
sail to a far off red land of native and nakne; naked gutter boys… melrose in L.A..

i’m cold in this bible sun; i’m
that warm thing from of your world,
what i’d touch like a tom boy, all, “what you could have said.”

swift bird of youth. you play,
a self of devotion;
swimming, as motion.
drowning in oceans.


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