you’d have thought the days

frisco hippies 67

you’d have thought the days,
if you used that phrase, which you
didn’t. cause thought is action and now is
the future.

you pretended, i did, that i was the start of

we took off our clothes when we could, we
danced. we made colors when there were only
tinted grays. we educated.

somewhere, there’s still a music we engendered,
running around on mt. diablo, brighter than a
thousand cheap woodstocks.

you ran naked on the beach, and nike wept for every
dollar it lost. you ate brown rice and macdonald’s fumed at
hippies and fried a dead fish for its health.

you wandered alien on the streets of frisco, berkeley, NYC and
didn’t know there was that much money in us, i mean, head
shops and groovy were liberated and there i was, broke and needing
a cigarette.

ginsberg told you that you write like a sissy. alan watts told you to
come back when you had money. gary snyder now talks story from the
telephone book to keep an audience. fuck all that, it’s not your life.

the world turns on its axis, it sometimes shifts. i look inside before i
paint my own shadow. the day has come, i only
write what i know. did i trick you right?

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