lots of people in
the sun, summer shoes
and summer hats.

lots of noise and
falls and splats…
summer flies and
summer brats.

here’s a boy who’s
lost in games… ignorant,

in days of yore
and spanish seas…

parents shoving him
to be an empire soldier man
in endless victory.

living in his sand soft
world, who could he kill?
sandman guns
and sandman thrills.

One thought on “summer

  1. deal with it. the banality. how he plays with the parents’ ideals as a toy. but, how there’s no turning back from the reality that society plays with you. a frightened boy, deal with the reality of the simple rhyming solution. how you play his fears as a picturing of your own uncomprehending life. it’s a banality, an empty gesture, to say that we always find a reason for what’s been done to us or by us. here, ‘always’ is nothing but a toy clock.

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