list waking up 1930

underdawg looked like
rudy didin’t want to,
they being good friends, rudy
was waiting. over the hilllock
waiting for summer.

why are you waiting, little
man, little man, for his hand to
guide you? you never
asked for the times gone by, goodbye,
but, you wonder why he
holds back. it’s not his fate you
leave or die. you wanted to hold him.

joliwood asked me

if i’d seen

over cross the bay there’s a girl
who loves you… you made her stay away cause you liked
his laughter.


2 thoughts on “underdawgs

  1. this is a lyric, and i go bad when i let the music cover the chatty language. i have to let the poem be a gift to the reader, one with no strings. if they don’t like it they can send it back, but i don’t want to guilt them into keeping it because they like me or feel sorry for me.

    i like this, in a way. it uses words as colors and paints an abstract color picture which kind of tells a story.

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