showed us we could
think like one, one person,
to build your yangsee dam,
your pyramid,
your happy society
as you told them.

you protected them from
their animal nature,
told them biology was
dead, that they don’t need
to think or question.

your woman is inferior,
because she doesn’t get
with the plans exactly,
wants you to spend more
time with your son,
who is a nine year
old dope addict. if he
would get with the
plan, you could talk with

when all them, they,
get un-sync’d and want your
job, i like that look you
had when they, you didn’t
read the last chapter of
messiah am i.


mill worker 5 crop.jpg

spilled my coffee,
knocked it over, coffee all
over, spreading like some disease,
like dementia of a stupid old

pretentious old man, stealing everyone’s
ideas of fine and true — mongrel dog old
man, growing up chicken-shit trailer trash stupid,
everyone’s better than me. like, as if i could learn
how to be better than me.

gum-crack architecture — the way it’s arranged,
the way it’s balanced between lazy and
practical, my keyboard’s woodboard is now
dripping cold coffee on my knee,
and i’m wiping my knee with this
old underwhite
wear, cause i’m too lazy and stupid and
white trash to
use a hanky… speaking of, why am i fucking
whining like a sissy?

making a new cup of coffee,
making the thought in my head that
my board is fine as it is…
making in my mind the reality that
that cold drip was kind of trippy,
like water dripping off green moss on
some creek mountain side in oregon.

holding in my mind that i’m
connected with some kind of
touch-is-infinite, and energy is
out of my hed, my dik, my finger tips down
inside my hart with so much love.



two 1950's men kiss

always safe with you in the room,
the windows black, the silence cold.
no one speaks and time is old,
the empty clock, the tightened mouth.

i play chopin with no piano,
you lay,
writing your memoires.
… someday soon, you’ll be on the internet,
you’ll invent it, tattling your friends.

always fun to be a parrot in a gown,
i move through blackness, quiet heart.
said we’d be till ‘do us part’,
the holy kiss, the tightening ring.

big bang blues ( lyric )



sometimes the tide takes more
than’s on the shore. give it
your castle, and it ups and
asks for more. make me a
heaven, rockefellers
move next door.

say to me a young man’s
way too young for me.
been around the planet,
my life is what i take with
your life and my song,
ocean to my sea.

love to read plato,
like to read wittgenstein.
witt loved talking,
plato just loved his
i like your groin groove,
slide down the end of

had a thought flash,
that the end was the start
of things. light from dark
was a big bang, cadillac,
watch you leave,
blackness’ all the bang bang




empty head blues ( lyric )



never felt more like lying,
everything is sad and gone.
policeman asks me why i’m
living, tell him that ride’s
too long.

po-man, he says, buddy,
you can’t stay in this town.
say to the man, my daddy
is jesus. you can’t push me

i’ve got the empty head,
post-apocalypse blues.
no matter what i say,
it don’t seem true to you.
tell you i love you,
got to say i hate you too.

simple done


(stills 117826n) Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina

simple done is
you’ve begun your
bitter dance,
you fall, you laugh,
seem to contemplate,
like someone old.

a reflection shows me
watching you
watch him watch her
watch you,
like you were the
mirror in a whore
house, inside a pill
box; under berlin
when it ended.

fear, it mothers us,
nurses our awakening
sensuals, unfolding
the scrotum
into mandibles
and cock to cream.

dancing on the moon,
reflecting willowettes
in silhouettes of raven black,
as you rise and turn,
to the slow spinning light
of her hidden boy.



art appreciation


open like a flower,
you little cezenne,
and tell me why you’re
not a metro.

i want to see the part
where green is death
and death is beautiful
but never seen.

open like a sing-song paper fan,
you cacking crow…
show me how to
fake a blotched corot.