i was wondering about
avalanches giving and
like a father who is
not, like a rain
that dries heaven.

maybe i see that
children aren’t cattle.
that our parents didn’t need us.

maybe my wondering isn’t like
wishing, like a dream might
make fathers;
like a snow makes
white rainbows.



these gray lights over casper


these gray lights over casper drape
over tiny white flecks of water
thrown over the secret riverfall of
time has no place.
and, here we die,
lay and wait for the sky to open.

clown light scrub the afterday of
many sorrows. wash our
fantasies. bright smile our

dream world of
paper floors and hollow candies. make it glow.

let love go and i’ll be a
whisper in the
music on a distant clear blue sky of
many stars, infinite blue,

stars seek their wonders inside a
tide of ice and shadows. take me there.



big bang blues ( lyric )



sometimes the tide takes more
than’s on the shore. give it
your castle, and it ups and
asks for more. make me a
heaven, rockefellers
move next door.

say to me a young man’s
way too young for me.
been around the planet,
my life is what i take with
your life and my song,
ocean to my sea.

love to read plato,
like to read wittgenstein.
witt loved talking,
plato just loved his
i like your groin groove,
slide down the end of

had a thought flash,
that the end was the start
of things. light from dark
was a big bang, cadillac,
watch you leave,
blackness’ all the bang bang




empty head blues ( lyric )



never felt more like lying,
everything is sad and gone.
policeman asks me why i’m
living, tell him that ride’s
too long.

po-man, he says, buddy,
you can’t stay in this town.
say to the man, my daddy
is jesus. you can’t push me

i’ve got the empty head,
post-apocalypse blues.
no matter what i say,
it don’t seem true to you.
tell you i love you,
got to say i hate you too.

simple done


(stills 117826n) Jean-Paul Belmondo, Anna Karina

simple done is
you’ve begun your
bitter dance,
you fall, you laugh,
seem to contemplate,
like someone old.

a reflection shows me
watching you
watch him watch her
watch you,
like you were the
mirror in a whore
house, inside a pill
box; under berlin
when it ended.

fear, it mothers us,
nurses our awakening
sensuals, unfolding
the scrotum
into mandibles
and cock to cream.

dancing on the moon,
reflecting willowettes
in silhouettes of raven black,
as you rise and turn,
to the slow spinning light
of her hidden boy.





underboy whites small

revery, that old slang grope
down memory;
like a bottle thrown onto
the land from
lavender, the silhouette of
clouds; i float in

shuffles, fluff ing around…
dive down to
the hidden
ruins of kouros,
shredded rocks, they look like
memories… look
like me.

how do we run
away from
alive, alone,
dork rimbauds
on instagram.

inside this bottle
here’s a note from
some lost soul inside some sea from
long ago, instead of lost from me.
and comets roll in comic books,
but mountains play,
nothing’s ever meant to be until
it looks like you.




john 1963

sundeck boys

we were tom sawyer
to huck the rainbow. seemed to me.

now, so long later
i’m moses leading you
through the dead sea.

when we were, john, the
way we were,
is what’s what, beats in frisco,
you told me it was
what’s between my legs
that made us men.

i confess i was too young
to be so free, call me by my name.
but, here we were,
out on the road,
highway one,
midnight up medocino,
empty road
and in your mouth
i find myself
finding you.