planets (lyric)

let’s, let us say the moon beams,
sits and dreams of mayonnaise;
white snow moon and sleeby dreams.

o, let me fly, let me whisper off the wind,
far away, upon that rainbow, of which they’ve so much to say…

this, here is why the world goes bang in time
and many first times more.
why the sky, the sky, starts its ‘doesn’t-matter’ way;
wishing into halo, spinning either/or,
the start of you.

let’s, let’s dream, go on by, don’t stop for inconsequentials;
stop conversing seriously in plastic sentimentals;
let the present pass, it’s gone.

on the sappy smiles of pluto’s planetismal;
those midnight slopes of hyperbolic mystery,
let us dream, surf neptune’s intercontinental’s:
space dust and love in spaceboy fantasies.

you and me, we’ve talked and sang to Cygnus Minor,
breathing in each others glow. we go.
how much, how far beyond the bent horizon,
until this spinning platter starts to slow?

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