sadness is my light, bright night, bright dark;
see the happy children sing away:
sun makes light; song makes day;
running, playing, happy songs they knew.

hollow is the sound of time, absent;
hear the empty ocean swimming slow…
old day evolves to sea:
father, boy, compose its melody.

softly, earth is spinning, winding;
touch that rolling bright wheel,
it glows:
twilight teaches light to see;
color sings my father’s melody.

we’re a child of lovers’ blandishments:
born a lie, in febrile sweating increments.
heats of stars and smoking
smiles, and children’s happy wedding gowns.

in my heart, a diamond’s burning glow;
beating, run in quicktime, to time, go.
racing with the sunshine: dark grows cold.
shadow prize for boys who’ve died too slow.


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