thanks to david smalley


thanks to david smalley over on poetry  circle for hosting the link to this blog. i guess nobody’d copy and saved that little prose thing i forgot to save myself. i’ll rewrite it. the cool thing is that i wrote it with poetry circle in mind. i was showing them my consciousness of gender identity. that meant i had to dumb it down so that i treated gender as a reality, instead of the nothing it is to actual queers like me. but, this time, i’ll be able to write it as a full on script of some kind. i think this time i’ll make my reincarnated prior her little brother, so that the thing about her protecting him doesn’t bump into prewar japanese culture’s sexism. the woman could take care of her husband, but only if he’s dying. just living, he’s supposed to do all the protecting. but, for her and her little brother, the usual displaced from the farm and lost parents scenario would work. like, if her family were colonists in manchukuo.

prose is really hard for me to write. i’m sure you see that. but, it’s that i want every word to function aesthetically. even writing lower case is intentional: i want the reader to either accept that they have to read the text carefully, or not read it at all. anyone who wasn’t literate enough to live without a capital letter starting a sentence, isn’t going to understand the concepts i want them to understand so that they can help me understand them. like, all that stuff above about japanese sexism…? is that really true? someone might know, and also know how i’m trying to write a time-wave with my prose. both. just being a fact-oid isn’t enough for poets.


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