writing to music


when you write prose to music — write inconsequential things to obtain stuff by tricking a reader into loving your looks — music can help, especially if you’ve no imagination or high-level conceptual ability. that is, that you can only put one word next to another to make a sentence, and then one sentence next to another to make a paragraph  — as though your inner sheep were showing you ‘how everyone knows how to do things’… your inner grandma, even.

poetry writing is different from prose. poetry is to writing as algebra is to arithmetic — algebra folds concepts into each other to make a third concept. personally, i don’t like algebra, but i do like ideas. and, i’ve gotten good grades, A’s, in college logic and had to drop out of any math class i’ve taken because math is just not an intuitive thing, and in the coming ages nobody will do math but machines will mathematize everyone.

but, i’m saying that poetry is like algebra — but, i’m thinking that the abstraction of nothingness into space, which is math, is very different from abstracting the space that a feeling owns into a poetry landscape of emotion. math owns nothing.

so, listening to music while you write. especially some simp-fake ‘classical’, liberace noise, will free the constipated into dreams. i like dreaming. i can’t help dreaming when i hear ravel’s gaspard… or bach or brahms or, really, a hundred or more other classical composers who’ve a piece i love. but, listening to a lyric’d music — not Aida, but madonna, say, or whatever you think sounds the way you want to look like in the mall. Kind of weird — where is the wording space in your head? and, if you’re not bothered by the lyric, then why are you even alive? how can you hear a piece of music and not follow every note like a cat watching a canary? how could you even use a pen at all unless you were at heart a plumber or shop clerk item stocker — mindlessly joining what shouldn’t be joined.

people do dumb things with words, and then have to call it poetry, because once again they failed to write a best seller dummy’s guide to zen microwave cooking.






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