american fashions

spinning in a melody,
what you say to light your day…
always in a rig’marol,
who you saw,
who you’ll blow.

your life is like a comet
stuck inside a train…
stopped in the rain,
stuck with your pain.

you used to play,
but, now you only localize:
cornered by your race,
it’s all about your face.

turning, twisting sideways in pain agony,
it hurts, but you’re above it all,
‘ironic’, like a dead boy’s dream —
that one, they feel the love you’ll give…

and, you’ve got to live.

always down for rock and roll,

’cause life’s an under monster,
…feed you to the town.

the jangle of your tattoo tells
you’re finally humming,
but, you’re too busy screaming
to investigate what’s coming.

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