RKO light


a gold lagoon in winter white
holds mermaids, swans
and silver lightning… what’s
the use of always fighting?

a skating rink in central park,
a tiny frock of latin pink…
a smiling wink,
around we’d whirl.

that year in Pennsylvania,
or, was it in Japan?
you were my sweetie sweetheart,
I was your happy man.

then, atop the tower of Ile de france,
heel to heel, we danced through paris;
moon and stars sang twice a day…

do we skip the tour
of someone else’s slumber-dreams?
dreams of chevalier and remy martin,
step off the train and make our own,
and light the lamps for marijuana?
“no!”?? “um, yes. .. but it’s pre-code…!”

impossible, ma cherie. good night,
we really don’t know how to say hello…
aw, honey, let’s just say goodnight, hello,
impossible, good night, hello… .
we’re intangibles. on the movie screen.
let’s say goodnight,
and, wake up in another dream.

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