One thought on “‘no’ is a hammer

  1. LOL. what you’re not getting is that the world won’t change just because you tell it too. the smart reader is going to see several ways of reading a passage. it’s not that i’ve chosen the cheapest reading, in saying ‘farts’, it’s that there’s nothing more compelling or intelligent in the poem to make me say anything else. you’re not an intuitive person — you don’t see the implications in your beliefs — what accepting the transactonal/exchange use of your body and words means in a poetry world. you’re clumsy with words and reactionary. you should stick to story writing. people read stories for plot and shit. that means that if the cover of your book is the right cover they’ll read you and be happy. if you put an intuitive’s kind of image on your poetry book, poets are going to be pissed off that you’ve done a bait and switch.

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